Lyteus OLED workshop

The training course was held at the International Symposium on Automotive Lighting (ISAL) in Darmstadt Germany between Tuesday to Wednesday 26th to 27th September 2017. The event consists of three “drop-in” sessions across the two days to explore the business opportunities and product design possibilities associated with flexible OLED lighting in the Automotive Industry.

The “Hands-on” Flexible OLED Lighting Workshop was for designers and product developers from OLED application area in the automotive lighting industry to explore the possibilities of OLED lighting and challenge the technology on what is feasible today and in the near future. Presentations were provided on the possibilities of OLED lighting, and OLED technology from the viewpoint of a lighting manufacturer – OSRAM GmbH, as well as the car manufacturer Audi and the automotive glass manufacturer Pilkington, end-users of the project consortium, their vision and insight of OLED technology in the automotive lighting industry and the flexible OLEDs – future product vision respectively.

The training course provided a demonstrator showcase including the following: OLEDs from PI-SCALE pilot line: existing commercially available OLEDs, and flexible OLED lighting demonstrators from the PI-SCALE partners.